Password Recovery Bundle Standard 8.2

Password Recovery Bundle Standard 8.2

Recover lost or forgotten passwords for files, websites, and your Windows OS
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Forgetting the password that unlocks your important Office documents, archive files, e-mail accounts, websites, and even your Windows account could become a true tragedy if tools like Password Recovery Bundle Standard wouldn’t exist. This expeditious tool is capable of recovering Word, Excel, PowerPoint PDF, RAR, ZIP, and even Internet passwords in an efficient and hassle-free way.

This bundle includes 22 password crack tools capable of unlocking more than 80 types of files, though the accent is clearly put on the Microsoft line of products. Thus, all Office file types – except for MS Access and MS SQL files, which require you to upgrade to a more powerful edition –, Windows operating systems, Outlook and Outlook Express accounts, and even Internet Explorer are covered. Apart from these, PDF documents and ZIP and RAR archives are also easy prey for the app’s set of powerful crack tools.

The entire password recovery process has been designed to be of use for all types of users, regardless of their experience with computers and software tools. Just select the type of file, e-mail account, or Internet browser whose password you’ve lost of forgotten and follow the simple instructions that the app offers for each case.

The program offers three types of “attacks” capable of unlocking the most stubborn documents and sites. The Brute-force Attack is the simplest – yet the slowest – one, as it will try all possible character and symbol combinations until one of them matches the real one and opens the file. If you happen to remember how you built the password you’re looking for, the Brute-force with Mask Attack will allow you to delimit the length of the password and the set of characters to be used during the attack. By reducing the amount of possible combinations, you will also be reducing the recovery time. Finally, the Dictionary Attack will try all password combinations using a given dictionary as source.

As for web sites and AutoComplete strings, the program will make use of the traces that Internet Explorer stores whenever you allow your browser to “remember” who you are when logging in to a site or to auto-complete your typing when filling in a form or building a search. Thus, it can recover not only your password but also the user name, allowing you also to remove the Content Advisor Password in IE directly from here. Mail passwords follow a similar procedure – the app will recover all server names, together with their log-in and password information as saved by your Outlook client.

Probably the most important of all passwords is the one that unlocks your Windows OS. If you have forgotten your user or your admin password, Password Recovery Bundle Standard has also a crack tool for that. It can also create a bootable CD or DVD that you can use to reboot your locked PC and reset the local passwords in just three steps. For obvious reasons, it is advisable that you burn this disc as a precautionary measure before the worst happens.

All of these promising password recovery tasks and the 100% rate of effectiveness advertised on the official website are exclusive to users who have purchased a license, either for this Standard edition or for the superior Professional and Enterprise versions. The trial version used for this review is absolutely useless to assess the app’s efficiency, hence the low rating. The most frustrating thing, though, is that you’re not informed about this trial limitation until the recovery process reaches the end, usually after a 5- or 10-minutes-long password recovery attack.

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  • Wizard-like interface
  • Three cracking modes
  • Creates bootable discs
  • Includes 22 password crack tools
  • Supports more than 80 file types


  • Trial version won't recover any password
  • Supports MS products mainly


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